About Us

Mega Joules is an energy division of M/s. Sahyog Designway Pvt. Ltd.

Mega Joules envisions to become a dynamic action centre that would spark people to believe in the power of renewable energy in turn helping human habitat become energy efficient. To do so, we constantly explore for new opportunities and innovative ways to use renewable energy and make building systems optimise on their energy use and make them energy responsive.

Energy has become a major concern and a priority from policy makers to designers. Buildings are in the frontline of this issue because of their high consumption of energy. We at Mega Joules focus on performance of your buildings and ways to optimize it. We provide services to measure, design, optimize and simulate your buildings and create building skins that are energy efficient, energy responsive and energy producing. In an age driven by smart technology and people, mega joules empowers you to make smart informed decisions about your energy usage. We thrive to optimize energy usages in the built environment and be a catalyst that triggers a shift from non-renewables to renewable sources in Architecture.

Mega joules aims at creating energy responsive, energy producing building surfaces using renewable resources as the core driver.

Our Core Values


We help to reduce your cooling load, reduce your utility bills. The envelope generates power and hence lower your energy consumption


Founders of this initiation have their expertise in Architecture, Strategic Design Management, Building Physics and Energy Optimization, seeks new vistas of opportunities in various fields.


Team members are architects, interior designers, product designers, visual communicators, and researchers making the organization versatile in its thought process and immensely powerful.


build an energy envelope for your building


Energy Responsive Habitat Design

Solar power systems derives clean and pure energy from the sun. Building Integrated Solar Panels (BIPV) is used as a replacement for conventional building materials as a building envelope, making the building energy efficient and self- sustainable.


Building Energy Envelope Systems

Building envelopes are huge permeable surfaces that cuts the interior controlled world from the exterior. These necessarily not be just walls but other facades, windows, grills etc. The use of these skins is to protect from the natural climatic changes which includes controlling air, water, heat and light.

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The typical efficiency of MegaJoules product is 18%.

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Per watt cost of the MegaJoules product comes 45 – 80rs.

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Including installation, per watt cost of the product will vary from 80-180 rs. Depending on the type of glass and the type of installation.

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Once square feet of panel produces 10 watts and hence the cost of 1sq.feet panel varies from 800- 1800rs./ sq.ft.


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Expense Vs Investment

You are not buying a product, you are making an investment.

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Depreciation, a benefit

40% accelerated depreciation on Initial investment on the solar project that can be revived

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A dead surface, to a live one

MegaJoules product replaces the conventional building surfaces, making a building skin that creates power.

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Foreseeing the costs

Long term costs are lower and the impact on the environment is almost zero.

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Manages the Risk

Cost of electricity from the utility provider including inflation

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Increase value without increasing the floor space.

BEES in MegaJoules has an array of structural details and options for integrating solar with the building design.

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MegaJoules products are customizable depending of the fenestration requirement.

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Integration success

BEES in MegaJoules has an array of structural details and options for integrating solar with the building design.

Return on Investment

There are a number of different factors that affect the ROI for any given PV project: Available Sunlight (kWh/m2), Solar system size (kilowatts), Cost of electricity from the utility provider including inflation, Hardware and installation costs (Cost of solar panels), Local and National Gov’t incentives, Financing.

A typical MegaJoules system gives return on investment in 5-10 years of installation.

Features of Energy Envelope

Flexibility of use,Customizable, Non- flammable, Thermal Insulation, Holistic solution (from design to installation), Easy to maintain, Easy to replace, Integrate perfectly.

Our Product Range

Photovoltaic Industrial Roof (Opaque & Transparent), Photovoltaic Building Glazing (Opaque & Transparent), Photovoltaic Atrium Roof (Transparent), Photovoltaic Building Shade, Photovoltaic Pathway Roof, Photovoltaic Industrial Wall(Opaque & Transparent), Photovoltaic Insulated Panel Walls, Photovoltaic Transparent Windows, Photovoltaic Louvers(Opaque)